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Login with the Citizen Card or mobile phone signature

This test demonstrates a login to an online application by means of a Citizen Card or mobile phone signature. To start the test login, you need an active and valid Citizen Card or mobile phone signature.

After clicking the Login button, you must choose between a Citizen Card or mobile phone signature in the first step.

Depending on which variant is chosen, additional input is then required. For security-related reasons, each authentication variant is based on two factors: knowledge and ownership.

  • Card: When the Citizen Card (ownership factor) is selected as the authentication variant, an online Citizen Card Environment is started afterwards automatically in the form of a Java applet, and the identity link is read from the card. Afterwards, the signature PIN (knowledge factor) of the card must be entered and the login process concluded by clicking "Sign".
  • Mobile Phone: When using the mobile phone signature, first of all the telephone number for which the mobile phone signature has been activated and the password that was defined at the activation of the mobile phone signature must be entered (knowledge factor). Afterwards, you will receive a text message at the given mobile phone number. This text message contains a one-time code (TAN) that has to be entered afterwards (ownership factor). Then, the login process can be concluded by clicking "Sign".

Afterwards, you are logged into the test application.

Detailed information

Under the following links, you will find more detailed information on how you can get a Citizen Card or mobile phone signature or alternatively which applications and services you can use with them.


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