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Login with electronic mandate

This test demonstrates a login to an online application on behalf of a private individual or legal entity by means of a Citizen Card or mobile phone signature.

For the test, you need an active and valid Citizen Card or mobile phone signature. In addition, you must be authorised to represent a private individual or legal entity.

If you are not authorised for sole representation of a company registered in the Austrian Register of Company Names or for another (ERsB) company registered in the Supplementary Register (e.g. if you are a sole proprietor), then you can apply for such on the test service of the SourcePIN Register Authority, or alternatively other persons can leave an electronic mandate for you on this test service.

To do this, you have to login to the online mandate test service by means of a Citizen Card. Afterwards, you can put in an online mandate for a private individual or apply for a legal entity (e.g. a fictitious company).

For test purposes, it is possible to grant yourself an online mandate that you can then use for the login. The mandate put in that way is, however, ONLY available in the test environment and can naturally NOT be used for production logins.

Afterwards, the test login can be started by means of an electronic mandate to an online application with the help of the Login button. After clicking the button, the actual login window opens. Here you must click the Authentication on behalf (in Vertretung anmelden) box so that a login by means of an online mandate can take place.

Put an electronic mandate on the test server of the SourcePIN Register Authority.

Enter test mandate

Detailed information

Under the following links, you will find more detailed information on logging in by means of an electronic mandate, on the Citizen Card and mobile phone signature.

Information on the online mandate service


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