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Server signature (MOA-SS)

The Open-Source Middleware MOA-SS provides all functionalities of the server-side signature creation, for example for the creation of an XML-based official signature.

During the creation of signatures, the middleware takes over the functions of the determination of the signature key, the resolution of the data to be signed, the calculation of the transformations and the creation of the signature. The signatures are created according to the XMLDSig standard. Both software certificates as well as hardware security modules can be used for the signature creation.

With the help of this demonstrator, you can test the server-side creation of XML signatures with the help of MOA-SS.

There is a choice of three variants:

  • Simple text: Here, any text can be entered in the input area. Afterwards, this text can be digitally signed through MOA-SS.
  • BASE64: Here, any BASE64 encoded document can be given. Afterwards, this document can be digitally signed through MOA-SS.
  • XML Request: The communication between the test application and MOA-SS for the signature creation is handled by a SOAP-Web-Service. With this variant, you can freely design the inquiry for the signature creation. That way, you have the possibility to send individual XML requests to MOA-SS.

The signature creation is started by clicking Sign. A test certificate stored on the server is used for the creation of the signature.


Verification service for test signatures

Signature verification service

Detailed information



Signature verification